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accounting of dentist

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accounting of dentist

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A diary for keeping records of the work of a dentist can be called a kind of document that every doctor must keep to control the work of a dentist. The diary of the work record of the orthopedic dentist may not be properly monitored, since the dentist may simply not be in time, forget or not want to record the record of his work in a diary, because not everyone has time, desire or other factors. Fortunately, there is a salvation from these problems, now the diary of the record of the dentist's work can be filled in automatically, and, at the same time, it is obligatory, and without wasting time. We present to your attention a unique program that will provide you with keeping a diary of records of the work of a dentist orthopedist and will allow you to control the employment of each employee - this is the Universal Accounting System program. The Universal Accounting System is an electronic analogue of a diary, in which a doctor can enter work, or an employee who has the authority to do so can enter the work in this diary, thus, the recording of working hours or the appointment of patients at an appointment will be systematized and you can always monitor the employment of employees with the help of such a handy diary. All actions entered in the diary are recorded by the program, while the user who made the entry in the diary, time and date is indicated. The diary is kept automatically, you just need to indicate the service, the employee who will deal with the patient, the time and date of the entry. At the same time, if you specify a cost estimate for material consumption when rendering a service, the program will keep records of materials and write them off from the warehouse. The platform has the ability to link to a PBX, which will provide a high speed of work with clients. In addition, the USU system has the ability to customize templates of diagnoses, complaints and other details that are used in the provision of services to patients, this allows you to optimize the work on filling out the documents. The map of teeth, which is available in the software, allows you to record the results of certain operations, in addition, you can indicate absolutely every tooth and make an outfit for technicians with the same map. With the help of the Universal Accounting System, you can automatically keep a diary for each employee, while you can limit the possibility of changing and deleting records, controlling employees. USU is a new generation program that will help you develop dentistry to unprecedented heights and provide quality service for your clientele.