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Program for logistic

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Program for logistic

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A logistics program is a must for all companies involved in the transportation of various types of goods. The USU Software is a program developed by our specialists as a reliable and proven accounting program that will significantly contribute to the conduct of all the necessary processes in the logistics of your enterprise. The USU Software’s base has a unique list of capabilities that will be useful for conducting basic tasks but also has a big list of additional functionalities, that will help even more in the process of the logistic organization. Logistics provides management of materials, optimization of information and staff schedules, in order to optimize greatly increasing their efficiency.

The popularity of transport companies is growing with each passing day, and at the same time, the need for the high-quality provision of the logistics system is also increasing. To choose a good logistic program, you should consider trying out the trial demo version of the USU Software, which you can download, without spending any money, from our website. With a simple and straightforward interface, as well as the included two hours of tutorial, you can get comfortable with the program’s user interface and get started. In our program, there are many functions, reference books, and tutorials, each of which has its own function and will contribute to solving the tasks.

The main link in the logistics process is the transport streamlining process between the main transportation points. Most often, people are accustomed to using road transport for transportation and only then considering doing it by rail, sea, and air. The USU Software is software developed and optimized for each specific client, with advanced functionality that can adapt to any sort of financial activity. The logistics department will begin to actively interact with other departments of the transport company, carrying out its activities using our program. Any necessary information on the logistics processes, you can receive from the database. Information such as the status of various payments related to the cargo, according to customs transfers, often for the urgency of receiving products can be found in the program’s database.

If necessary, you use USU Software’s database in order to see the state of imported goods and all the costs that had to be incurred until the goods reached their destination. The USU Software will perform all the necessary calculations, providing high-quality documentation quickly and with the ability to print it out. There are many bases for conducting logistics processes, but it is the USU Software that is equipped with functions that have been assembled with thorough care and attention in order to bring benefit and convenience to company employees. The mobile application will help in maintaining work processes at a significant distance from the main desktop version of the program, with the provision of any necessary information. You will make the right choice in picking our accounting program, which will greatly help you to conduct logistics workflows in your transport company.

Additional features are available in our program in order to make the logistic easier. Using these features you can gain advantages such as:

Access to your database with customers will be opened, filling in any required data. After completing an order, you can notify your customers by sending them messages. In the best possible way, the information will be maintained in special reference books for all transport and its owners. Several types of transportation will be involved, such as air, rail, and sea transportation of goods. Consolidation of cargoes will be carried out in one one-way flight. All orders and payments made for transportation will be under your full control at all times.

The base configuration of the program will provide an opportunity to automatically generate all the necessary documentation for the enterprise. In the program, existing important files can be attached to cargo drivers and sorted by orders. You will be able to deal with organizing a cargo loading plan every day if needed. In the program, you will be able to form any orders with a detailed calculation of finances per diem.

The existing department of employees will be fully scheduled in the program, with the introduction of all the necessary and detailed information on it, as well as with the preparation of applications for the purchase of spare parts. All accounting for shipment and loading processes upon request will be carried out strictly on dates with information on funds.

In the database, you will be able to review the available analytics and statistics of orders for all customers. In our program, you can mark completed work, as well as future orders. You will be able to easily conduct analysis in the program in the most crucial business areas. In the database of our program, you can analyze the information on transportation and passengers in quantitative and financial terms. The USU Software receives data at a convenient time for yourself on all payments for the selected time period. There will always be at hand information on the operating cash desks and current accounts of the enterprise.

The data on the generated report will show clients who have not fully paid their bills for services. The financial resources of your company will be subject to regular review to the analysis of the information on the most expensive parts of the business. A certain report will form data on the control of the company's vehicles, which will greatly reduce the amount of required paperwork. Using the plan of distribution of goods in logistics, you will have the data on cargo loading for every day with the control of each machine.

In the USU Software, you can store contracts, your own terms of loading in logistics, payments, and terms of services, and many other things. Improve the workflow of your enterprise with the USU Software!