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Accounting in logistics

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Accounting in logistics

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No enterprise can function successfully without an efficiently established accounting system of all processes control, of work performed, of warehouse movements and costs incurred. Like any other organization, a logistics company has its own specifics of activity, to which the program the USU-Soft adapts without problems. With the help of this software, accounting in logistics will turn from a laborious and complex procedure into a tool of comprehensive analytics, optimization and improvement of existing organizational processes.

Logistics, the accounting of which requires setting up data changes in real time, needs constant updating of information and tracking at each stage of order execution. The USU-Soft application provides updating of current data thanks to the section of the program "Directories". This block contains information sorted into folders: "Money" stores financial settings; using the "Clients" folder, you can track the return on advertising and conduct marketing analytics; "Organizations" contains all branches and a list of company employees; there is also detailed information on business processes and areas of activity, fuel consumption standards, the cost of services of third-party carriers. The "Directories" section allows you to achieve automation of data analysis and all kinds of calculations in logistics accounting, contributing to the correctness of data and elimination of errors inherent in manual accounting operations. Warehouse accounting plays an important role in logistics, and the proposed program of logistics control helps to set up fast warehouse operations and timely replenishment of warehouses with spare parts for the vehicle fleet. The transparent accounting is also facilitated by the electronic document management and approval system, in which all responsible persons are notified of the arrival of new service notes and monitor the time of the assignment. Thus, the organization of the company's internal procedures is being improved.

The program of accounting of logistics services allows you to establish effective work with customers by maintaining a customer database, creating requests for transportation, tracking performance, as well as controlling the receipt of funds. The work of managers under the close supervision of management makes transport services much better and gives the company a competitive edge. Accounting of customers in logistics with the help of the USU-Soft system of logistics control is easier and faster, while you get many tools for working in the CRM database. The "Reports" section allows you to download financial and management reports on the services provided, costs incurred, cost recovery, inventory control and profitability. Reports can contain visual graphs and diagrams and can be generated for any period. Accounting in logistics provides a wide range of opportunities for a comprehensive analysis of the business, including in the context of each transport unit. A special advantage of the software is the ability to constantly monitor the progress of maintenance: each vehicle in the fleet has its own status and scheduled maintenance dates, the need for which is warned by the program of logistics management. Thus, the program of logistics accounting ensures timely maintenance and checking of the condition of the vehicles, as well as the availability of efficient equipment for the smooth execution of orders.

The system of accounting in logistics is an extremely effective tool to implement enterprise’s plans and to improve processes and regulate the quality of services. The logistics accounting software puts all operations in order, and your customers will definitely be pleased with your services! A visual scheme of work gives you a complete picture of the ongoing processes: a detailed route for each transportation, vehicle readiness, points of shipment and unloading, assigned performers, calculation of the route and all expenses, as well as the availability of cash receipts from the client. The program of logistics control ensures the development of a competent financial policy due to the analysis of cash flows on an ongoing basis and an assessment of the effectiveness of management decisions. The single work software of all departments and divisions allows you to maintain high responsibility and consolidate operational data throughout the company.

Due to the flexibility of the system’s settings, the software is suitable for any type of organization and adapts to the specifics of the activity. The USU-Soft warehouse accounting helps to timely replenish inventory and store items in sufficient volume. You get a list of comprehensive information about each transport unit: numbers, brands, owners, carrying capacity; it is also possible to upload documents, including technical passports. The software reminds of the timing of replacing documents for transport to comply with established rules. Storage of electronic versions of various documents is also possible in the system (contracts, order forms, invoices, fuel cards), as well as their prompt unloading. You can draw up planned maintenance procedures and monitoring their implementation. Detailed analytics of warehouse accounting and assessment of the organization of work of warehouses is sure to be of great help.

The different color and status of transport units clearly presents a picture of the ratio of vehicles in repair and ready for use. Integration of accounting system information with your company's website is available, if necessary. You track each car: the number of stops, places and time of parking, daily mileage for each day, and prompt informing of customers. You will be able to generate a report on the work of each employee and evaluate his or her performance and ability to effectively use working hours.