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Program for automation of dentistry

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Program for automation of dentistry

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Dentistry automation is developing fast because of the availability of automation technologies. A program of dentistry automation, which is one of the technical methods of automating dentistry as a type of sphere of business activity, is also used, but rather rarely. You can find rare copies of dentistry automation programs on the Internet, but all of them either require regular payments just to be allowed to work in it, or just lack the extensive functionality that one would like to see in an application like that. An exception to the above is the USU-Soft - a new generation advanced dentistry automation program. The USU-Soft united all the features that entrepreneurs would be happy to see in the automation of dentistry. The program of dentistry automation is easy to use and does not make monthly requirements of subscription fees to work in it. The dentistry automation program works even on a simple home computer and no specialized equipment is needed for it. The well of functions is a huge advantage, since the program of dentistry automation can find an approach to the work of any dentistry clinic and introduces automation it in its own way. With the help of the dentistry automation program, you control the staff members’ working hours, make an appointment with patients, control medicine, calculate the expenses for the rendering of services, and you also work with several price lists and various groups of clients at once.

The USU-Soft dentistry automation program does not require much from your computer and needs only some space to be able to operate successfully. And you can save information as a backup copy on a regular USB drive, so that if something happens, you easily retrieve your information. Also, the program of dentistry automation communicates with fiscal registrars, printers of receipts, which, in turn, significantly facilitates the speed of work with customers and allows you to issue them a financial document as a proof payment for services. With the help of the USU-Soft program of dentistry automation, you establish control and balanced organization’s work processes that literally work in an automode. At the same time, working with patients becomes much faster, allowing you to render services to more people. This allows you to grow into a leader among rivals and get much more income.

To make the decision to automate a clinic, you need to be aware of the benefits of implementing these technologies. We will list, in our opinion, the main benefits (economic and other) that a dental clinic or medical center can get from the implementation of an automated management program of dentistry automation. These benefits can be grouped into the following major blocks of problems. First of all, it is the exclusion or minimization of threats to the enterprise by unscrupulous personnel (referrals of patients for paid treatment to other clinics, the provision of shadow services, waste of consumables). Secondly, it is the financial discipline of patients (as practice shows, in the absence of proper control from the administration, non-payment of patients can cause significant financial damage to the company).Thirdly, the increase of clinic attendance by patients through active work with client database (preventive examinations, calls to continue treatment); reduction of patient non-attendance through telephone and SMS reminders

Often doctors in clinics do not control patient payments, leaving it to the conscience of the administration. This may be justified, since the doctor should be primarily interested in the treatment process. The computer program of dentistry automation allows you to clearly track down debtors, remind them of their debt at the next patient visit, and keep track of the term of their insurance programs. How to protect yourself from losses? The program of dentistry automation can remind about the debt not only at the moment of registration of the rendered services, but also at the moment of the patient's arrival or even at the moment of the patient's registration in the schedule. This allows administrator to remind the patient about the debt in time, and possibly postpone additional expensive services until the debt is paid. A special module ("Marketing") allows you to make a selection of debtors in order to work with them specifically to close the debt. The USU-Soft program of dentistry automation reminds about expired insurance programs.

We offer the quality multifunctional program that automates all aspects of the dental clinic and all this at an affordable price. The USU-Soft application consists of low-cost software modules of high quality that can be activated selectively or as needed. The modules are purchased once and for all and there are no mandatory subscription fees.

The USU-Soft application can be called universal, as it can be adjusted to any business. We have analyzed a lot of similar programs, considered the mistakes most programmers do and come to the conclusion that our system must be as simple as possible, so as to make the process of working in it easier and not more complicated. As a result, you get the system that can make the working processes better, with the new quality of speed and accuracy. The capabilities of the application can’t but surprise you with the automation power of modern technologies. Only the advanced technologies can assure the success of your company’s development.