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Program for the store

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Program for the store

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Automation in the store always requires special store software, usually in several forms for different interests. Our store program USU-Soft is a comprehensive solution for store accounting; this is when one program for the store accounting replaces several others. You will not be able to exercise control in the store properly without a program for the store. With our program for the store you will see how easy it is to take into account information in the program. The first thing you will see in the accounting program for the store is a very simple interface. You can make sales, payments, orders for new goods, and also take inventory. And with a barcode scanner, you no longer have to do it manually. Using a barcode scanner, there is always a common problem of modernity of the scanner. The software USU-Soft for accounting in the store supports working with different types of scanners, as well as factory barcodes. And if you are managing the store and are the head of the company, then you will have a whole range of management reports. Which you can customize in the program individually. And our experts, at your request, can create additional reports. And most importantly, in these reports you see not only the movement of money, but also all movements of goods, as well as reports on the work of employees. Keep a thorough inventory in store through our in-store inventory program!

It is a common situation when an interesting store with a product in demand has to close. Why does this happen? The most common reason is poor record-keeping of goods and inability to organize work in such a way to ensure the effectiveness of every action of your employees. The system allows you to control every little activity in your store and in the warehouses. It makes no sense to think that free programs, which are so easy to find on the Internet and to install on your equipment, is sure to solve your problem. Free cheese can only be found in a mousetrap. Such programs bring only problems and become a disaster. They lead to constant failures, errors and significantly harm your business. In addition, you will have to look for several systems that will perform different functions. We offer a universal program, which easily replaces several programs.

Our program for the store is a time-tested product. We already have a large number of customers who are satisfied with the quality and performance of the system. Thanks to us, many companies which previously fought for the market, have become leaders and now have the most advanced program that provides maximum efficiency.

We have created an especially simple design. You will understand how to work with the program without even needing any help. But to make sure that you use all the possible functionality of the program, we are ready to provide training service to work with the program. Our specialists will tell you and show you in practice how to use the system as efficiently as possible, as well as set it up in all your stores and connect all the necessary equipment. In addition, the design is unique: you choose yourself the one that suits you best. So you will turn your workplace into the most comfortable environment. And more to this, your interaction with the program will cause only positive emotions.

Pay attention to the section under the name “customer unit”. You enter data about clients directly at the cash desk, and then you can categorize them into groups that need different type of attention and care. Some of them come to your store often, and some do not. Those who are your true fans and showed to by loyal can be referred to the VIP category. Why bother with this? This is the most successful way to maintain interest in your store. After all, the main task is not only to attract customers, but also to make them into regular customers, so that they bring a constant income to your business. The second successful tool for this is the system of bonus accumulation. Customers receive bonuses from every purchase. And then they spend these bonuses instead of real money and acquire the items in your store. This encourages them to come to you again and again.

How else can you let the clients feel that you remember and care about them? Of course, it is a convenient and modern system of notifications. We offer 4 ways to interact with clients: Viber, SMS, e-mail and a voice call. The latter is made by the program automatically, which allows you to save valuable time of your employees, which they can spend on more challenging tasks. So you can inform them about new product arrivals, profitable promotions and interesting events that you organize specifically for your customers. To give you a better idea of the program we offer, download the free version and enjoy all the opportunities to improve your business. And in case you want to buy our program, we are happy to help you in its configuration.