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Purpose: Business automation

Program for the store

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Program for the store

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Automation in the store always requires special store software, which is usually in several forms, in different interests. Our store program is a comprehensive solution for store accounting, this is when one program for store accounting replaces several others. You will not be able to exercise control in the store properly without a program for the store. With our program for the store you will see how easy it is to take into account information in the program. The first thing you will see in the store accounting program is a very simple interface. In the program for the store, you can not only make sales, payments, orders for new goods, but also take an inventory. And with a barcode scanner, you no longer have to do it manually. Using a barcode scanner, the user often faces the problem of the modernity of the scanner. Our program for accounting in the store supports working with different types of scanners, as well as factory barcodes. And if you manage the store and are the head, then you have come up with a whole range of management reports. Which you can customize in the program individually. And our experts, at your request, can create additional reports. And most importantly, in the program reports you can see not only the movement of money, but also all movements of goods, as well as reports on the work of employees. Keep a thorough inventory in store through our in-store inventory program!