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Accounting for food delivery

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Accounting for food delivery
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When do you need a cloud server?

Rent of a virtual server is available both for buyers of "Universal Accounting System" as an additional option, and as a separate service. The price does not change. You can order a cloud server rental if:

  • You have more than one user, but there is no local network between computers.
  • Some employees are required to work from home.
  • You have several branches.
  • You want to be in control of your business even while on vacation.
  • It is necessary to work in the program at any time of the day.
  • You want a powerful server without the big expense.

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Order an accounting for food delivery

The business development of food and water delivery companies is based on the efficiency and automation of all work processes. Courier services need to systematize their activities for a clear and well-coordinated performance of work and strengthening of competitive advantages in the market. The higher the speed at which food and water are delivered, the more positive reviews and follow-ups the company will receive. Therefore, accounting for food delivery requires the use of software that will maximize the efficiency of processing and implementation of orders and, accordingly, the amount of profit. The best solution to this problem will be the purchase of the "Universal Accounting System" program, developed in accordance with the specifics of the processes of courier companies. The software we offer can easily replace other applications and allow you to organize all areas of work in the most efficient way. Employees of your delivery service will be able not only to form orders and monitor their execution, but also to keep personnel and accounting records, generate documents, update the database, draw up analytical reports and much more.

The structure of the USU software is divided into three blocks for the sequential solution of a certain number of tasks. The "References" section is necessary to form a universal information resource: program users enter a range of services, routes, accounting items, goods and materials, information about branches and employees. The flexibility of the system settings allows you to work with any categories of food and water, so you can constantly expand your assortment range. In addition, as the data is updated, your employees will be able to update the credentials, so you can keep track of the delivery of water, related materials and any goods. In the "Modules" section, all areas of activity are managed: here you register delivery orders, determine all the necessary parameters, calculate costs and generate prices in an automated mode. Users can manually enter any item as a delivery item. After processing the data, the system generates forms of receipts and delivery sheets with the function of auto-filling the fields for issuing them to couriers. The delivery of each food order is tracked using a status and a specific color marking, which greatly simplifies the process of monitoring many services performed simultaneously. The system records the fact of receipt of payment for the delivered food and water in order to control the receipt of funds in the calculated volumes. The "Reports" section is required to analyze the financial results of the courier service. You can, without significant expenditures of working time, download financial and management reports for any given period in order to analyze the dynamics and structure of the complex of indicators of the company's financial and economic activities: income, expenses, profit and profitability. The information of interest will be clearly presented in diagrams, graphs and structured tables, and thanks to the automation of calculations, you will not have to doubt the correctness of the data used to assess the financial condition of the organization.

In addition, the food delivery accounting system developed by us has the functionality to conduct an audit of personnel, develop relationships with customers, and conduct warehouse activities. Thus, the USU software helps to optimize various processes to effectively strengthen the position in the highly competitive market of courier services!

The courier service software allows you to easily cope with a wide range of tasks and process a lot of information on orders.

The program for the delivery of goods allows you to quickly monitor the execution of orders both within the courier service and in logistics between cities.

The delivery program allows you to keep track of the fulfillment of orders, as well as track the overall financial indicators for the whole company.

Keep track of the delivery of goods using a professional solution from the USU, which has wide functionality and reporting.

Accounting for delivery using the USU program will allow you to quickly track the fulfillment of orders and optimally build a courier route.

Automation of a courier service, including for small businesses, can bring considerable profits by optimizing delivery processes and reducing costs.

If a company requires accounting for delivery services, then the best solution may be software from the USU, which has advanced functionality and broad reporting.

The courier program will allow you to optimize delivery routes and save travel time, thereby increasing profits.

Competently executed delivery automation allows you to optimize the work of couriers, saving resources and money.

With the operational accounting for orders and general accounting in the delivery company, the delivery program will help.

Full accounting of the courier service without problems and hassle will be provided by software from the USU company with great functionality and many additional features.

The USU program provides such convenient services as informing customers about the status of an order, as well as sending notifications about discounts and other events.

You can view the activity of replenishment of the client base, as well as view the reasons for refusals from the offered services.

Working with our computer system, you will be able to keep records of courier services, including for large customers - for example, the supply of water consignments to offices and business centers.

Users can work with various files, import and export information in MS Excel and MS Word formats, set any tariff plans.

Your employees will have the opportunity to quickly form the necessary documents and their subsequent printing on the official letterhead of the company with automatic setting of requisites.

If necessary, you can download a report on all delivered goods in the context of couriers in order to assess the effectiveness and speed of employees.

The software configuration can be customized according to the characteristics and requirements of your particular organization, providing individual solutions to existing problems.

The company's management will have access to control the performance of employees of their duties and analyze the effectiveness of solving the assigned tasks to control the quality of services and develop measures to motivate and reward personnel.

In order to implement marketing strategies, you will be given the opportunity to assess the effectiveness of various types of advertising in terms of attracting customers.

You can compare the number of calls received, reminders made and the amount of work actually completed to estimate the potential and occupied market share.

Cost analysis and assessment of their feasibility will identify and exclude unreasonable costs and thereby optimize the cost structure.

A customer buying power assessment can help you generate attractive price quotes for your customers and enhance your competitive advantage.

A visual representation of data on the structure and dynamics of financial indicators contributes to effective management accounting and control over the compliance of actual values with planned ones.

The management of the company will have access not only to the regulation of the implementation of business plans, but also to forecast the financial condition of the company in the future.

If necessary, technical support of our specialists is possible, carried out remotely.