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Application for the performance of work in the provision of services

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Application for the performance of work in the provision of services

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The performance of work application in the provision of services - a computer application developed and intended according to planning, accounting, analysis, and control of production activities related to the performance of work and the provision of services. The application performance and provision of activities or services program help you distinguish between work performance as a certain material result of production activity with its attributes in the form of costs and cost calculation, and services, as a rule, that do not have a material result. Working in the software on the performance of work in the provision of services application, you able to create an application as a fundamental document that reflects the performance of work and performs the activities functions of several documents, such as an order from a buyer, an invoice and an act of completion. The automated provision of the service sector system promptly informs you about the status of their execution, including the moment of the preliminary application during the ordering process, when it is not displayed in the reports, does not go to execution, and payment from customers to it cannot be scheduled. Thanks to the use of the program that regulates the performance of work in the provision of services application, you have complete information about the rates of frequency, which determines the number of times the work is performed, and the coefficient depending on the level of complexity or special conditions in the provision of services. The software application automatically transfers the application to the execution stage after its preliminary processing, the appointment of the executors of the case, and the necessary materials, as well as the process of agreeing with the customers about the payment and performance of the activity timeframes. Automated software helps you determine the order of payroll by specifying only the piecework salary that is directly related to this application. The system itself enters the contract order and provides access to the list of documents, to which it indicates information about the customer, the order, and the activities performed, as well as cost characteristics, in the form of the price and amount specified in the document. In the program, the status of the application plays an important role and actually determines what the system records when the document is posted, namely, if the status is open, then nothing happens during its posting, but only the application is displayed in the list of applications. If the program determines the status of the document, as in working order, then the work is planned in the shipping production schedule, the materials are transferred from the warehouse and the payment is planned from the customer, as well as the request itself appears in all reports. If the status of execution in the system, the same happens as when posting the provision of shipment of products documentation plus payroll to executors on request. When work in the program on an application of the performance of labor in the provision of services, the format of the document itself is taken into account, which, in turn, implies that the customer is familiar with the methods of work, the approved provision of services rules and other parameters of the transaction. With an automated applications program of the execution of activities, you accurately determine the terms of their execution contract, what type of activity must be provided, which have a beneficial effect on saving time when placing applications and contribute to an increase in the number of completed orders and the profitability of the enterprise. Application has many useful services provision tools like creation of our own extensive information base on requests and their histories for the execution of cases in the provision of customer service, the function of the application for calculating wages for labor performers, preparation of any type of financial and tax reporting for all movements and movements of funds in the enterprise, fixing the customer's materials in the program in the form of those material values that the customer provides for the performance of labor activities, indication of the amount of work, by multiplying the values of the time rate, multiplicity and coefficient for labor affairs and services rendered, fixing in tabular form the resources involved, which are used to plan resources for order fulfillment, automatic entry of data on the name of materials, their quantity and characteristics of their batches in a tabular form, filling in the data on the required materials based on the specifications, as well as the availability of the function of reserving materials in the warehouse. Determination of the status in the program for the materials used written off to the cost price when performing the contract, and the goods sold to the customer in addition to the cost of labor. Filling in the program of the tabular section on the salaries of performers and the introduction of a percentage, if the payment system is defined as a salary plus a percentage of each application. Differentiation of access rights to the software system for employees of the organization, based on the scope of their official powers. Creation of a comparative analysis of the performance of the actions of the company's employees. Automatic cost calculation for work in each row of the tabular section, depending on the calculation method. Possibility of archiving documentation, as well as translating it into any other electronic format. Provision of a high level of security of program data due to the use of a password of particular complexity. Formation of any type of analytical and comparative reporting as well as the ability to make any changes and additions, according to the wishes of the buyers.