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Accounting and control of transportations

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Accounting and control of transportations
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Order accounting and control of transportations

Accounting of transportations through our USU-Soft universal program helps you keep under control all the main aspects of the company! Organization and management of transportations are performed from a single information control system. All employees of the company will work in it as part of a single technological chain. The accounting program of transportations control displays information both in the context of individual orders from clients, and by how the orders were consolidated. In the transportations management control system certain access rights are granted to each user. The principles of operation and approaches of the control program of accounting of means of transportations can vary depending on the specialization of the customer: it can be management of freight vehicles, and management of road transport, railroad, etc.

One should keep in mind that transportations accounting also has its own characteristics. Transportations management can be synchronized with the company website and various other systems. Automation of passenger and cargo transportation is the most important task of any manager, because orders, the income of the organization and the respect of cooperating companies depend on this!

Transportations control starts with cooperating with clients. The application we offer has a set of tools to communicate with clients. As a result, you can render them your services in the best way, leaving all of them satisfied. There is a possibility of registering clients with all the necessary information, such as contact number and so on. This allows you to be in contact with your customers, as well as plan meetings and negotiations. The logistics transportations management with the USU-Soft control system makes sure that every application is never left unattended, as each of them is marked with a status: preliminary, in progress, refusal, completed. You can also add many additional statuses at the request of the customer. Automatic accounting of international traffic includes the formation of various documents: applications, contracts, etc. The passenger transportations software provides easy access to reporting management. The installation of the management accounting system significantly contributes to increase of the prestige of your organization.

The organizational management with the USU-Soft application also provides an opportunity to control all work processes. Financial management is sure to become more successful with the installation of the accounting program of transportations control. Adding to the general set of features, we also provide you with various opportunities. You can download thematic planning for free from our website. The accounting program of transportations control gives an easy access to reporting management, which will increase the efficiency of all enterprise’s activities. Workplace automation with our application optimizes the work of employees, which will have a positive effect on increasing their motivation. The process making such advanced information systems is a responsible and time-consuming task. We offer you a high quality product! The management analysis carried out in the program of accounting control provides an objective picture of the activities of each employee. The strategic development of the enterprise becomes more successful and balanced when using the accounting control program. Excel accounting of goods is unreliable and old-fashioned with the current volumes of business. The program of accounting control allows you not only to work with information, but also store it in archives for as long as you need.

Adding new users and assigning them access rights is not a long and complicated process. The transportation management program of control includes accounting of the financial side of each application. If you want to register any other financial transaction that is not connected to a particular application you can easily do it with the help of our program. The accounting software has also many other interesting features! You can experience them yourself by downloading a free demo version from our website.

Management becomes not only more reliable, but also modern, because the software is integrated with almost all modern communication channels and technical means. Integration of software with video cameras provides automated video control and "recognition" of vehicles and customers. Integration with equipment in the warehouse will help to prevent theft, and the connection with the website and PBX is a chance to attract new customers. Freight routes will be drawn up faster and more accurately, while specialists will be able to take into account the most incredible number and combination of factors - time, type of dispatch, transportations requirements, wishes of customers. Each shipment with our system can be controlled from its very beginning to its end. The dispatcher will track the cargo on the way using electronic maps and focusing on geolocation data. The drivers, knowing that they are "seen", will not violate the route, time and terms. The program of accounting control calculates the cost, expenses of automobile services, as well as goods, using correct and accurate formulas. It is possible according to different price lists, at different tariffs, on individual terms that are provided to a particular client.

The software allows you to always accurately make any technical calculations, because the electronic directories will be formed easily in the control program. The vehicles used in transportation can be described in accordance with the factory data, or you can download the reference information in any electronic file and add it to the software.