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Accounting of the work of a dentist

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Accounting of the work of a dentist

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Dentists and dental organizations have always been in high demand. After all, everyone seeks to have his or her smile to be beautiful. Dentist accounting requires knowledge of the procedures, the list of documents and reports that the dentist have to keep, and many others. In the mode of constant hurry and growth in the amount of duties, there is an urgent necessity to introduce automation in the accounting of the dentist's work by implementing a specialized program of dentists work accounting. Luckily, the sphere of medical help has always kept pace with the times, using the latest benefits of human ideas in its field. Today, the ever changing market of information technologies offers everyone a great range of automation programs of dentist work accounting to bring optimization in accounting and management of employees of various organizations. Such programs of dentist work accounting allow you to forget this nightmare of documents generation and the search for the patient of a dentist, a daily record of the duties of a dentist and a diary of the tasks of a dentist.

Now the record of procedures and working time of the dentist can be kept in one application. You quickly realize that it is much more comfortable and faster. Some people prefer to download an accounting system of doctor work accounting from the Internet in order to save on expenses. This method is fundamentally incorrect, since no one can guarantee the safety of data entered into such an accounting application of dental work management. Technicians and programmers unanimously recommend implementing only software of doctor work accounting from trusted specialists. The main sign of the quality of the system is the accompanying support of the program of accounting for the work of a dentist. To date, one of the best accounting programs of dentist work management is the result of the work of programmers of the USU-Soft application. It has been successfully implemented for several years at various organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as abroad. A distinctive peculiarity of the software of dental work management is the simplicity of the menu of the program of dentist work accounting, as well as its reliability. Technical support is carried out at a high professional level. If people are not looking for a specific clinic, but for a service (e.g., "cure tooth decay", "get a filling", "get your teeth fixed"), there is very serious competition for visibility. You have to invest heavily in contextual advertising and/or SEO promotion of your website. Contextual advertising (usually the top two or three links on the first page of results), can lead not only to the main company website, but also on the landing pages - one-page sites, presenting a specific service. Customers can also call you from the links, or leave a request on them.

But even this is becoming insufficient. The "best places" on the first page of search results are now "in the hands" of specialized aggregators that accumulate information about all the organizations where people can get the service they are looking for. The largest "major players" in the medical field in Russia are the services NaPopravku, ProDoctors, and SberZdorovye (formerly DocDoc). To make it easy for potential clients to find you on these sites, you are usually required to send your schedule there. Interaction with aggregators is definitely a trend for the next few years, and it cannot be ignored. If the Marketing module is connected, you can record all calls coming into the clinic, leave comments on each conversation and use these comments to train employees and improve their work. With the program of dentist work accounting you can quickly identify who is calling. When an administrator receives a call, he or she needs to click on the "Incoming calls" button in the menu on the left. A pop-up window will open in front of him or her with the patient's information. The staff member of the clinic is able to surprise the caller by addressing him/her by name. In addition, the administrator sees the advertising channel (if defined) from which the patient calls and, if the clinic has separate scripts for communicating with callers from different channels, use exactly the right one.

Today's dental administrators increasingly have to handle not only calls, but also messages from potential customers on social networks, applications from aggregators and webpages. You can keep statistics on all of these types of communication in the USU-Soft application. In addition, you can record conversations with people who simply come into your clinic to ask questions in person. We call all of these things together under the term "communication".

The design of the accounting application is something which we are proud of. We invested a lot of time and energy to create something complex and simple at the same time. Complex in the sense that the program of dentist work accounting uses the modern technologies and performs various tasks, of which you only see perfect results and the accuracy of data. Simple in the sense that users do not have any difficulties in using the application, as well as that they do not see the complexity of inner processes and do not even think that it is so complex. All they see on the surface is perfect work and excellent results. Use the application of control of all procedures of your medical institution and outrun all your competitors.