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Program for calculation of communal services

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Program for calculation of communal services

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Utilities on a monthly basis solve the problem of correct charging for their services. The aggregate charges for utility bills depend on many components. To create comfortable living conditions, the range of services provided to the population includes a long list of works aimed at the improvement of residential buildings and adjoining territories, and an equally long list of resources consumed by residents every second. Each service, each resource has its own indicators and methods for charges, depending on living conditions, consumption rates and established tariffs. With all this, each homeowner has a personal list of equipment installed in the apartment, which must also be taken into account when calculating utility bills. In the described situation, assistance can only be provided by the software "Utilities" from the company "Universal Accounting System" (USU) and the application to it Calculator for calculating utility bills. The calculator for calculating utility bills offers different options for charges, depending on whether there is a general house metering device, whether there are metering devices in the apartments, what is the area occupied by residents and how many people there are. Agree, it is almost impossible to accurately take into account all these factors at the same time even for a whole team of specialists. The utility bills calculator will do this work independently. The calculator for calculating utility bills works with the information system loaded into the work computer. The program is easy to install on your own. Several specialists can work in it at the same time, who are provided with personal passwords that restrict their access to official information outside their area of activity. You can work in the Calculator for calculating utility bills both locally and remotely. A user-friendly interface and a visual layout of information allow even not too confident users to keep records in it. All content of the program is available to the management of the enterprise. The calculator for calculating utility bills has a flexible configuration and allows you to install additional services to solve new problems that appear over time. The information system, which is the basis of the application, is a collection of data - all information on subscribers living in the territory subordinate to the enterprise: name, area of housing, number of residents, contacts, list of services, list of metering devices and their description. The characteristics of a residential building and a list of common house equipment are also indicated, since the Calculator for calculating utility bills must take into account all the nuances when calculating the cost for resource consumption, which depend on many conditions. The calculator for calculating utility bills makes calculations automatically for all subscribers of the enterprise within a few seconds at the beginning of the reporting period. When entering the readings of measuring instruments, the program will immediately recalculate taking into account the new and old values, consumption rates, and the difference in tariffs. If the subscriber is in arrears, then the Calculator for calculating utility bills will automatically charge a penalty proportional to the debt and the limitation period. The resulting calculations of the calculator are formatted in payment notes and printed only for those who are required to make the next payment and / or repay the debt. The calculator for calculating utility bills promptly provides information on any given parameter and effectively fights against receivables.