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Sewing accounting program

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Sewing accounting program

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The sewing accounting software is the latest software created by our professional top-class programmers for the design and tailoring industry. They were creating the program based on all the standards and possible needs of this industry. Having the necessary qualities and convenience the program, it is the undisputed leader among other programs for accounting sewing of clothes.

Clothing creation is a complex technological process, consisting of many small but very important elements and steps. You don’t even thing about them until they unpredictably appear. These subtleties need to be taken into account. As peculiar as it may sound, but the manufacture of clothes begins with the communication of the customer with the representative of the atelier during the acceptance of the order. The program we present pay big attention to exactly working with clients of a sewing workshop. Programs for accounting of tailoring are able to take into account an unlimited number of customers. When the client communicates with the atelier manager, using the accounting program, the atelier representative can show the entire range and variety of clothes produced by the organization. The USU program has a warehouse folder, in which you can place an unlimited number of photos of clothes and different designs, which are a complete assortment of the atelier. The customers will appreciate such an approach to them and to manufactured products.

Customers are different, tall and short, thin and fat, the same model of clothing will require a different amount of material depending on the size. The sewing accounting program records and takes into account all the necessary dimensions, which are taken from the client. Any employee of the enterprise who is engaged in sewing, for his work, can easily find out these dimensions. All of them will be in a database and that prevents repetitive calculations. Any model of clothing that the customer has chosen can be made from the material that the visitor likes the most. Very often, in an ordinary tailoring ateliers or a sewing workshop, while accepting an order, the administrator skips the question of the availability of fabric in the warehouse. With our sewing accounting program, such a situation is absolutely impossible, for a reason that the USU program makes a total accounting of the availability of fabric, buttons, and various accessories in the warehouse, informs you in advance about the imminent end of the goods. Thanks to the sewing accounting problem you don’t have to worry about it anymore, which allows you to do more important things, such as an immediate realization of an order.

At the moment of registering a client, his phone number is entered into the program. The program has a voice notification function. Do not be surprised, but the program will transmit the necessary information to the client by voice. You can always inform him about various kinds of discounts, promotions, and also congratulate him on various holidays, including his birthday. If this kind of notifications doesn’t satisfy you, the sewing accounting program can just send texts, E-mails or messages to Viber.

Finding the right materials and accessories in the warehouse makes it easier to use the barcode. The program 'Universal Accounting System' has the function of reading a barcode, prints labels, which greatly facilitates the work of accounting and searching for goods in the warehouse.

We hope your atelier works great and you have a lot of orders. But isn’t it always hard to find the customer you are looking for in a pile of paper. The USU has a function to search orders according to the necessary criteria in the archive, for example: by date, customer name, name of the employee who accepted the order.

Different people have different relationships. There is of course a relationship between your atelier and your customers. The customer database can be grouped according to various criteria, for example, to create a database of VIP customers, and some customers are problematic, and this can also be noted so that when you contact us again, you know how and with whom to behave, especially courteously or carefully.

When accepting an order, the client very often has special requirements for sewing. These requirements are entered in a special field in the program. As you know, not always the customers are pleasurable to work with, so in the future, these special requirements will all be printed on the receipt, and the customer will no longer be able to challenge the far-fetched claims. As you can see, the sewing accounting program is ready for such nuances.

The culmination of tailoring is the client's payment for your services. The USU program automatically generates a payment receipt. Special sewing requirements, materials consumed, advance payments, and outstanding balances will be listed here as well.

Below on the website page you can find a direct link where you can download a trial version of the Sewing Accounting Software. The demo version does not include all the functions that are presented in the main program. In twenty-one days’ time, you can feel how much this program will make it easier for you to control the sewing of clothes. In case of your special requirements, you always have the opportunity to contact technical support and improve some of the functions in the USU program. Soft Universal Accounting System - includes a huge variety of functional resources!