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Accounting for costs and yield of a livestock products

Accounting for costs and yield of a livestock products

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Accounting for costs and yield of livestock products is carried out according to the approved forms of documentation standards. The documents are different and there are many forms of them, it should be noted. On their basis, entries are made in the accounting registers. In a modern large enterprise, these documents and registers, for the most part, are kept in digital form. In the accounting of expenses at livestock products, there are three main categories. The first includes the costs of livestock products, semi-finished livestock products, the yield of feed, and consumables, which are fully used in the production processes. Such expenses are included in the accounting procedures according to various documentation, and invoices. The second includes the costs of work instruments, such as accounting equipment, technical devices, which are presented in the accounting documentation as well. And, finally, the company carries out accounting and management of work expenses according to the time sheet, payroll, various orders for piecework, and staffing. Documents for accounting and management of the yield of livestock products include journals of milk yields, offspring of animals, acts on the transfer of animals to another age group, departure as a result of slaughter or death.

It is possible that on small farms all these records are still kept simply on paper. However, for large livestock complexes, where the livestock numbers hundreds of animals, mechanical lines for milking and distribution of feed, processing of raw materials, and production of meat and dairy products are used, a computer control system is crucial for an uninterrupted workflow.

USU Software is a unique product that meets all the requirements for the most efficient livestock yield accounting program. Livestock enterprises of any size and specialization, such as breeding factories, small firms, fattening farms, large production complexes, etc. can equally, and successfully use a program that provides simultaneous accounting for multiple control points. Accounting for the costs and yield of livestock products can be kept both separately for each unit, such as experimental site, herd, production line, etc., and in a summary form for the enterprise as a whole. The user interface of the USU Software is well organized and does not cause difficulties in the process of mastering it. Samples and templates of documents for the accounting of production costs and the yield of finished products, accounting forms, and tables were developed by professional designers.

Programmable spreadsheets allow you to make cost estimates for each type of product, automatically recalculated in case of changes in prices for raw materials, semi-finished products, etc. Orders for the supply of food, data on the yield of products from production lines, reports on warehouse stocks, etc. are accumulated in a single centralized database. Using the accumulated statistical information, the company's specialists can calculate the rates of consumption of raw materials, feed, semi-finished products, stock balances, plan the work of the supply service and product lines. Yield data is also used to develop and adjust production plans, assemble orders and deliver them to customers, etc. Built-in accounting tools allow the management of the farm to quickly receive information about cash receipts, urgent expenses, settlements with suppliers and the budget, the dynamics of income and expenses in a given period, etc.

The USU Software provides automation of day-to-day activities and accounting in the animal company, optimization of costs, and reduction of operating expenses affecting the cost price, increasing the profitability of the business as a whole. Accounting of costs and yield of livestock products within the framework of the USU Software is carried out according to the forms of documents approved for the industry and in accordance with accounting rules. The program meets all the requirements of the legislation governing certain animal husbandry, as well as modern IT standards.

The settings are made taking into account the specifics of the customer, internal norms, and principles of the enterprise. Recurrent costs are accounted for and posted to accounting items automatically. The yield of finished products is recorded daily according to primary documents. A number of control points at which the program records the costs and yields of livestock products does not affect the efficiency of the system.

An automatically calculated cost estimate is set up for each product. In the event of a change in the costs of raw materials, semi-finished products, feed, etc. due to an increase in selling prices, or other reasons, the calculations are recalculated by the program independently. The built-in form calculates the cost of production at the exit from production sites. Orders for the farm's livestock products are stored in a single database.

Warehouse operation is optimized due to the integration of various technical devices, such as bar code scanners, electronic scales, data collection terminals, etc., which ensure fast cargo handling, careful incoming control, online inventory of balances, inventory turnover management which reduces storage costs and damage from expired goods, uploading reports on current balances for any given date. Automation of business processes and accounting allows you to effectively plan the work of the supply and production service, determine the consumption rates of raw materials, feed, and materials, arrange orders and develop optimal transport routes when products are delivered to customers.

Formation and printing of standard documents, cost sheets, exit journals, order forms, invoices, etc. is carried out by the system automatically. The built-in scheduler provides the ability to program parameters and terms for preparing analytical reports set the frequency of backup, etc. Accounting tools ensure the receipt of operational reports on the receipt of payments, settlements with suppliers, payments to the budget, write-off of current costs, etc.